Introducing the SafeSleeper Mosquito Net / Insect net

  • The SafeSleeper is a Mosquito Net / Insect net designed for independent travellers who require a net that is easier to put up and offers more protection than a conventional mosquito net.
  • The SafeSleeper net has a built-in groundsheet and uses a micro-mesh netting designed to stop crawling insects (fleas, bedbugs) as well as flying insects (mosquitoesno-see-ums). The netting has excellent breathability, allowing air flow through the net from any direction.
  • The SafeSleeper is designed for indoor or dry outdoor use, the net can be used on a bed (any bed from single to super-king size) or attached to a mattress, e.g. when sleeping on a hostel roof, or outside on the ground using a rollmat or Thermarest.
  • The net sits low in the room, allowing it to be hung from any attach point above head height e.g. a curtain rail, picture rails, wardrobes, wall mirrors, window & door frames etc. This makes the SafeSleeper easier to hang than a conventional net, which would usually attach to the ceiling or an attach point at ceiling level.
The SafeSleeper Mosquito net / Insect Net

The SafeSleeper is now available!
The net is available in 4 colours: Bottle Green, Sand, Black or Pinky-Purple (cerise).
Please visit the I WANT ONE! page for more information.