My name is Steve McElhinney – thanks for your interest in the SafeSleeper Mosquito Net/ Bug net.

The SafeSleeper is a new-design Mosquito net that I’m bringing to market in 2016. The idea for the net came during a backpacking trip to West Africa. I was planning on traveling off-the-beaten-track and prior to the trip I was concerned about some of the places I’d be staying in.

I wanted a mosquito net that could keep out the tiniest of bugs and that I could use (hang) just about anywhere, including outdoors. I couldn’t find anything suitable on the market at that time, so I brought one of the conventional ‘hanging’ nets. The net worked for Mosquitoes, but didn’t provide any protection against ground-based insects. Sure enough, during my first week in Accra (Ghana), I was bitten by something inside the bed.
I woke up, lifted the bed sheet, to find a tiny ‘bug’ running for cover!

Anyway, from that point on, I started to think about a better design of mosquito/bug net.
I wanted a net that was easier to put up – with a fitting kit that worked in the real-world – and one that offered more protection than the conventional nets on the market. I began putting some designs together, producing the early prototypes at home on a borrowed sewing machine. Then, after field trials, I had some professional samples made to fine-tune the design. Eventually after many design tweaks, and an eternity searching online for the right clips and fittings, I came up with the SafeSleeper.

The Safesleeper is made in Yorkshire in the United Kingdom. The fitting kit and other materials are sourced from any number of other countries worldwide.

The contact email for the SafeSleeper net is: everything@safesleeper.net

SafeSleeper is a trademark of Dyson Services Ltd, UK Registered Company No. 3080662.