Technical Info

The SafeSleeper is designed to be an ultra lightweight, easy to hang Mosquito net for bed, or for use outdoors in dry conditions, e.g. on a hostel roof with a mattress or on the ground using a rollmat or Thermarest.
Note: Using the net outside on the ground requires 4 x standard tent pegs to secure the base of the net, these aren’t included in the fitting kit and must be purchased separately.

The net gives all-round protection against ground based and flying insects and can be used on any sized bed from single to super-king size.

The SafeSleeper uses very fine micro-mesh netting with minimal air-flow resistance to allow air to pass through the net from any direction. The base (coloured) material is breathable to reduce perspiration (i.e. between you and the mattress/rollmat) in hot & humid conditions.
The net also has an internal pocket for a wallet / mobile phone under the ridge pole.

Specifications: SafeSleeper Mosquito Net for bed / Outdoor use
Dimensions: 200cm long, 82cm wide, 50cm high (6’6 x 2’9 x 1’8) Dimensions (packed): 48cm long, diameter 12cm (19in x 4.5in) Weight: 550g (1 lb 2 oz) Netting holes per inch: 1200

The SafeSleeper net sits low in the room, allowing it to be hung from any number of attach points at head height or above, e.g. a curtain rail, window & door frames, wardrobes/shelving etc.
Included with the net is a fitting kit (below) designed to cater for any shape or size of room.