I Want One!

The SafeSleeper Mosquito net tent is now available!
You can buy one using the PayPal button below and we will dispatch it to you within 24 hours.
For those people who aren’t registered with PayPal, see the Alternative Payments section below.

There are 2 options available for purchasing the SafeSleeper Mosquito net;

  • You can buy a net by simply by choosing a colour and sending a payment
  • Or you can join our feedback program and get your net at a discounted price (we would really appreciate your feedback!)

The SafeSleeper comes in 4 colours: Bottle Green, Sand, Black or Pinky-Purple (cerise)

Note: 17-Sep-2017 – Black is now Sold-Out.


The price of the net is as follows:

  • GBP £50 (United Kingdom)
  • EUR €62 (Europe)
  • USD $80 (USA, AUS, NZ and Worldwide)

The above price includes P&P and First Class Mail / Airmail delivery.
Please use the Paypal form below, select your Region (UK, Europe or USA/Worldwide) and Colour;
we will have your net in the post & send a confirmation email within 24 hours. The transaction will appear on your bill as Dyson Services Ltd.

Buy a SafeSleeper Mosquito net,
price includes postage:
Colour Selection:

Feedback program
We are hoping some customers will join our Feedback program;
We are offering the SafeSleeper Mosquito net tent at 10% discount on the above price, and in addition we will pay a feedback bonus of GBP £10/EUR €13/USD $14 to qualifying customers once we have received your feedback/opinions on the SafeSleeper net.
We are looking for customers who are travelling within the next ~3 months, i.e. early 2016, who will buy and use the SafeSleeper net on their trip. We want your opinion on: using the net, putting it up, sleeping comfort, effectiveness, quality of fittings, etc. We also want pictures of the SafeSleeper in use, from whichever corner of the world you find yourself! The best pictures will be used on this website.
If you are interested in buying a Safesleeper net under the Feedback program, please email us at everything@safesleeper.net with your travel dates, contact details and the colour of net you require and will send you a net at the discounted price.

Alternative Payment methods
Customers not registered with Paypal can still use the ‘PayPal – Buy now‘ button (above) to purchase a SafeSleeper using a Credit or Debit card.
On the Paypal screen that appears, use the ‘Check Out’ button (i.e. not the ‘Check out with PayPal’ button) and enter your card details to complete the purchase.

For customers who would prefer to pay for their SafeSleeper net via bank transfer, again please email us at everything@safesleeper.net and we will provide our bank details, let us know the colour of net you require and the delivery address. Once the payment hits our bank we will dispatch your net and confirm via email within 24 hours. Customers paying by bank transfer can also join our Feedback program to qualify for 10% discount.